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KangaFineArt Newsletter: I'm back from a winter hiatus

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Well to be honest with you all, it's been a hard slog getting motivated with the lockdowns but rest assured I've finally emerged from my winter hiatus.

On a personal front, I've spent quality time with family, being a carer and started walking at my local reserve to get back to nature for some self-care.

GRANDMOTHER'S COUNTRY - Aboriginal painting

During this creative break, I finally got my aboriginal painting purchased in 2005 titled 'Grandmother's Country' professionally stretched by Morwell Art and Framing.

I love the traditional storytelling and symbols behind the piece. You can see footprints or tracks as well as a set of three pink arc shapes which depict women gathering to engage in sacred ceremonies with the women painting their bodies shown by the coloured bands. The star-like shapes with clusters of white dotes represent varying types of bush berries.

I was inspired by the earthy tones in the aboriginal paintint that I created a lazy susan. This functional piece will be available at my art markets starting this month or you can direct message me if you are interested.


A range of prints from my artwork collection will be available at my art markets and on the website.


The local art markets are due to commence soon and I've been busy in my studio creataing new products to be released. This includes: mixed media art, lazy susan and a storage side table, with a pink/white resin lid design.

These new products will be showcased at my art markets and promoted on my social media accounts.

Have an awesome day. Be safe, kind to one another, help others who need that additional support during these unprecedented times.

Social Media

Please follow my social posts to get more up-to-date shenanigans at the KangaFineArt studio.

Cheers Koola.

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