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Kangafied Newsletter: Issue no. 1

Hello everyone,

It's a special time of year where sport takes over my life. For those of you living in Australia we witnessed a sporting bonanza over the weekend.

Richmond won the 2020 AFL grand final in a thrilling match coming from behind to take victory over the Geelong Cats.

In the NRL grand final, Melbourne Storm managed a nail biting win.

Now let me give you an update on the KangaFineArt studio

Virtual Art Market

As art markets are cancelled this year, its a great opportunity for stall holders to participate in a different format - virtual or online instead.

I'm pleased to announce that I am a participant in 'The Creators Collective Makers Market' this year. It's a virtul marketplace where local small businesses get an opportunity to showcase their online stores.

The Virtual Marketplace event will run from Sunday, 1st November 2020 to Sunday, 6th December 2020.

Note: I will be promoting special offers and discounts during this event.

Special Offer


Limited stock available

(not available via my website)

Revamped KangaFineArt website

Come and look at my newly redesigned KangaFineArt website. It has a modern look, is easy to navigate, showcases my artwork and now offer commissions via the Contact Form.

How was your experience navigating my newly redesigned website? Your feedback is welcome.

New art work: 'Tree of Life', mixed media (acrylic paint & water soluable crayons)

I've just finished a new mixed media artwork titled 'Tree of Life'.

It's a colourful palette with lots of texture created using glad wrap and salt. I wanted to intensify the top layers with pop of pink tones and used water soluable crayons.


I'm working on a few new pieces at the moment which I'll reveal some snippets in the next few days.

Please follow my social posts to get more up-to-date shenanigans at the KangaFineArt studio.

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