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It's a virtual world - don't get left behind

Artists worldwide have reinvented themselves by delving into the online virtual world to engage with their customers.

For me personally as art markets, exhibitions and art gallery events have been cancelled, the shift to virtual online events is a way to continue to connect with your loyal collectors.

I have an online presence on 'Art Lovers Australia' and 'Bluethumb', both are respected online galleries for artists to have their artwork shown worldwide connecting with buyers, interior designers and magazines.

Future online art events will be announced over the coming months and I will share event details in due course.

The best way you can support a local artist during these Covid restrictions is to subscribe to their mailing list, comment on a blog post, engage on a Facebook or Instagram social post or purchase a smaller item for your home.

If you are interesting in smaller items for your home, I do have available tote bags, throw pillows, bowls, pendants, jewellery holders, matted prints and cards for you to select in various colours, sizes - great gift ideas.

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