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Art can be so versatile - you can print on fabric

Hello everyone,

It's Friday - yipee!!!  What's on your weekend agenda?  

I miss going to my art markets.  For those of you in Australia, at least we have the footy finals to look forward to.  Who loves the AFL?  Cheering Richmond for the win tonight - Go Tigers.

Let me talk about art - it's so versatile.

Creating art is my passion.  It's a time for me to escape reality, be present in the moment, explore, experiment and just 'play' with my art supplies.

I had the unwavering urge to explore the possibilities of having my artwork printed onto fabric. 

I took the plunge - did my research and within a few weeks, my tote bags and throw pillows (using the alcohol ink range) where available on my website and at art markets.

Only a limited stock available.

ORCHID FUSION - DESIGN 15 (only 1 available)

ORCHID FUSION - DESIGN 7 (only 2 available)

SUNBURST (only 1 available)

ORCHID FUSION - DESIGN 5 (only 1 available)

All tote bags have original alcohol ink artwork printed on both sides, made from soft, durable, poly-poplin fabric. 

Each tote baag has a 1" black strap easy for carrying on the shoulder

SiTotes are very versatile, you can take them:

  • to the beach 

  • to dance classes

  • to the office

  • to the gym

  • to the shops

Tote bag special offer:  $60 AUD (own a 'Kangafied' original)

free shipping - Australia wide

International shipping - additional $25 AUD


:THRASHING OCEAN (only 1 available)

ORCHID FUSION - DESIGN 7 (only 1 available)

ORCHID FUSION - DESIGN 3 (only 1 available)

The throw pillow cover fabric is made from a combination of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. 

The pillow insert is made from 100% polyester.

Size:  14" x 14"

Compliment your home decor with these colourful throw pillows Throw pillow special offer:  $45 AUD (own a 'Kangafied' original) free shipping - Australia wide

International shipping - additional $25 AUD

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